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20 janv.

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A resource centre

From studies to employment, the Espace Etudiants Emplois Entreprise will assist you with information, advice and assistance in specifying and choosing your course of study and making career plans.


SCUIO staff would like to provide you with either group or individual help with documentary research (documentary research workshops for students or teaching staff who would like to attend).

A documentary collection

focusing on the links between courses of study and jobs is at your disposal 

The topics covered:


INFO-DOC The documentary data base

A selection of websites

Publishers database

 (access reserved to subscription from the SCUIO):

Training, professions

ONISEP: the Atlas of basic training, to find out all about all the courses
of education in France
CIDJ and CRIJ: infosheets on teaching, courses, professions, student life (France and Midi-Pyrenees Region)

Jobs, work placements

CLIP: the guide to professional networks and access to employment

Company directories by professional field or region

Kompass for Western Europe, Guide to water, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Building and Public Works,  Top Economique Midi-Pyrénées ...

A paper collection

      800 document files




photo salle

The press

50 publications for reading at leisure...
Documentalists supplement the files with articles taken from these publications.

34 computer terminals

Office tools, IT and Wifi.

Careers advice and assistance in constructing a plan

Help in study and career choices

Psychologist Careers Advisors meet with students who wish to discuss their plans. There are several approaches:

  • Assistance meeting by appointment made at the SCUIO or by telephone
  • Direction and/or skills assessment summaries
  • Help in compiling an experience and skills portfolio (PEC)
  • Information sessions on the different study and career possibilities in higher education 
  • Course change workshops L1-DUT-Medicine/Pharmacology
  • Preparation workshops for different forms of recruitment/entry examinations (selective courses, work placements etc.)

In addition, PASS AVENIR software is available with open access on terminals for
autonomous exploration of professions and professional interests.


Careers help

Careers help sessions


  • Work placement or job search workshops
  • Conferences on professions, companies, business sectors, recruitment etc.
  • Analyses of surveys on professional integration.

Université Paul Sabatier

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Open to the public:

From Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 5:30pm - closed on Fridays. The switchboard is manned from 9am to 11:30am and from 2pm to 4:30pm except on Friday.

Last updated April 4, 2012

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