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9 déc.

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Academic record transfers



Students who wish to pursue their studies at another French university must make an academic transfer request.
Attention : students in the faculties of Medicine, Pharmacology and Dentistry must speak to the secretariat of the faculty in question.

1. A transfer request print-out may be obtained:
- via download: "demande de transfert de dossier universitaire départ"
- failing this, from your UFR transfer department

2. Submitting the print-out: you must take the print-out which you will have filled in to the transfer service of the UFR to which you are attached, with a stamped (200g) envelope (23x32), addressed to the university you are joining.



    Students from another higher educational establishment (apart from DUT or BTS), must produce a "fiche d'accueil" to be handed in on the day they register.
    N.B. for registration in L1 Sciences, students must without fail have their "fiche d'accueil L1 Sciences" validated by the service scolarité du département inter-UFR L1 Sciences' before their final registration. Students from a BTS, DUT, PCEM1 or 1st year in Pharmacology are not affected.

    In parallel to this procedure, the student must make an academic transfer request from the university they are leaving.


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Last updated October 5, 2011

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