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18 sept.

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Finding accommodation in Toulouse

We recommend you begin looking as early as possible, from June onwards, and consider sharing, which can help reduce rents which are sometimes very high.



The Department of Student Life - DVE (Division de la Vie Etudiante) provides students with:

  • accommodation offers from private landlords (rooms, studios, and apartments that are well located for UPS students). These offers can be viewed at the DVE, preferably between 1st June and 30th September,
  • All essential information: location, landlord contact details, rent, service charges, transport, accessibility, etc.

Foreign students

NB: successful registration at the University does not mean accommodations have been reserved for you.

Some foreign students can expect to be assigned CROUS university accommodations:

  • French government grant holders (BGF)
  • Foreign government grant holders (BGE) managed by CNOUS or through CNOUS, CIES, Egide, Agence Edufrance agreements and attending Université Paul Sabatier as part of an official exchange programme or cooperation agreement.

Reservation requests must be submitted by the teacher responsible for your admission  to the Université Paul Sabatier International Relations Department (SRI), which will pass it on to CROUS.

Last updated October 3, 2011

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