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27 janv.

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Art / Research

The Cultural Department explores the relationship between scientific research and the artistic process.

Working transversally, it involves several artistic fields, such as music, dance and the visual arts. Scientific disciplines involved may include Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, neuro-science and cognitive psychology. See comments above for etc.

 Encounters between Art and Cognitive Science

As an illustration of this process, the Cultural Department is collaborating with University laboratories to organise encounters between researchers and artists with an interest in research into Cognitive Science.

The aim of these Encounters is to show how scientific enquiry has accessed certain mental processes and sensory/motor activities which are at the heart of artistic inspiration and creation, as well, in other forms, as of its appreciation.  Mario Borillo, DCNRS Research Director, IRIT and Encounter Initiator

3rd Encounter between Art and Cognitive Science 2007

Find out about earlier encounters with these links:

2nd Encounter between Art and Cognitive Science 2003

1st Encounters between Art and Cognitive Science 2002


  Cultural Department Booklets

The Cultural Department Booklets aim to provide reading material popularising subjects at the boundaries between science and culture and science and art.

Two of these booklets are available for download (pdf format):
"Can machines think?" Booklet
"Artificial Intelligence, just what is it?" Booklet

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