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Setting up an association

Associations are governed by the French law of 1st July 1901, , which stipulates how they are to be created and run.Information and advice are available at the Department of Student Life (Division de la Vie Etudiante - DVE). There are several stages to setting up an association.


Drawing up the articles of association

The articles of association specify the name, purpose and address or registered office of the association. They must also include the joining conditions for members and the annual subscription fee they are required to pay. They detail how the association is to be run (the constitution of the committee, elections and meetings of an executive board, etc.). Any changes to the articles of association must be declared to the Prefecture (the Prefecture website carries information and template statutes).


Using Université Paul Sabatier as the registered address

If you wish to use the university as the registered address of your association, make a written request to the university president before submitting your application to the Prefecture. To be considered, your request must be accompanied by a copy of the statutes and the composition of the committee; the purpose of the association must be linked to the university's missions and activities.

Any association registered at UPS provides the university with an annual committee list, the minutes of its Annual General Meeting, and its financial and non-financial report.


Registering the association with the Prefecture

Submit the association's articles, signed by the committee members, with a declaration of association in a plain letter.


Préfecture de la Haute Garonne
1, rue Sainte Anne
31038 Toulouse Cedex 9


05 34 45 36 66

Insertion of the association into the official journal

The necessary form is available from the Prefecture.


Insurance and Banking

Once the association has been declared to the Prefecture, you will need to take out civil liability insurance for the association and open a bank account in its name.

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