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21 janv.

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B@IP Digital

The Bureau d'Aide à l'Insertion Professionnelle numérique ((Digital Office for Vocational Integration), which is under the umbrella of the SCUIO - Service Commun Universitaire d'Information et d'Orientation (University Student Information) is one of the pivotal services of the Université Paul Sabatier.

It plays the role of an intermediary between students and university and company recruitment points of contact and referral.  Its aim is to initiate, connect and develop initiatives geared towards the vocational integration of its students, at all levels of training and academia: from the career plan they develop in the first year of their licence to the employment market.

Espaces Etudiants

The B@IP offers Université Paul Sabatier students help in finding jobs or work placements, and courses on how to make the most of their training.

Spaces for Students with Disabilities

The B@IP offers one-to-one coaching for students with disabilities and specific or non-specific work placement opportunities or job vacancies.
It helps them in communicating their skills to companies, while taking into account possible adaptation that may be necessary.

Company Spaces

The B@IP offers companies the means to introduce themselves to students and to recruit interns or future employees. It compiles and circulates your work placement opportunities and job vacancies among students and teachers in the relevant departments.

Spaces for Careers and Referral Points of Contact

Video Resource Library

In addition to its careers advisory role, the B@IP organises a selection of events demonstrating audiovisual resources. With a themed feature on the social and vocational integration of students, it offers you additional, more in-depth exploration of the topic.



Last updated April 4, 2012

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