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18 sept.

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Business sectors

According to INSEE, an economic business sector includes manufacturing, commercial or service companies which all have the same main activity.
In an aim to find a work placement or job, finding out about a business sector will help you learn about the economic health indicators, products/technologies, companies and their recruitment practices.

A few questions to ask yourself about a business sector

  • How is the sector organised from an economic standpoint? public/private, SMB/large companies
  •  What are the development trends in terms of concentration/offshoring? national, international market, new products, growth markets?
  •  What are the locations in France and abroad? What are the largest companies in the sector?
  • What is the economic environment?  Client/sub-contractor/suppliers etc.?
  • How is work organised? specific/traditional recruitment methods
  • Are there professions that are specific to the sector? for graduates?
  • What are the sector bodies that could give me information?

For each BUSINESS SECTOR, you will find at the SCUIO, the list of corresponding PROFESSIONS.

Last updated April 6, 2012

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