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27 janv.

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Choosing a direction

Choosing a direction is a continual process affecting secondary school pupils, students and adults throughout their careers.

This approach is based on developing a plan, both in personal and career terms, choosing a study route and taking it seriously to succeed (there is a tool available to you: the Portefeuille d'Éxpériences et de Compétences (Experience and Skills Portfolio)

At the Université Paul Sabatier, you can be given support in each of these steps, depending on your needs

Finding a direction can go via changes in direction and interrupting or starting up your studies again, since periods of professional or personal experience can be made equivalent  ...

Last updated October 10, 2011



  • Journées de l'orientation post-L2- 1ère semaine de mai
  • jeudi 25 juin - procédure complémentaire d'inscription


  • Des professionnels à votre service
  • Un lieu-ressource : le SCUIO/E4
  • Des outils d'aide à l'orientation : logiciel PASS'AVENIR, tests et questionnaires ...

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