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21 janv.

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Changing direction

Changing course or plan?
Do not panic.
Whatever your reasons, this is a process that requires anticipation, thought and the exploration of possibilities so as to prepare your search for a new course.
There are different possibilities for changing direction depending on each situation, and following a calendar:

I am in PCEM1 or PCEP
Workshops on bouncing back after PCEM1 and/or PCEP are held at the SCUIO in March, April, June and at the beginning of July.
These workshops present all the academic/training possibilities based on participants' motivations.
There is a  downloadable pamphlet published on this topic

I am in S1, in the first year (L1,  DUT, BTS, CPGE...)
Paths across do exist.
With the implementation of the LMD, it is possible to register for S2 on another university course and some schools have two academic years starting in the same calendar year, for example one in September and one in February...
Find out about the different events on offer at UPS:

Make sure you follow the registration calendar for other courses, from December.  
Register before mid-March on the website:

I did not pass my first year
You can take part in specific workshops for students who wish to change course:

  • Self-assessment summary/career & study plan" workshops
  • Help in documentary research workshops   

You can still register for a vacant place, from 25 June, as part of the additional procedure, on the website:

I am at the end of my course and I intend to pursue further studies,
This is not a change in direction, but rather  the acquisition of a second skillset or speciality or a desire for an accelerated route to professionalisation...

  • Professionalisation after the L2" workshops
  • Conferences, meetings between students and course tutors

Whatever your situation, you can get support from the SCUIO/E4

Last updated April 4, 2012



Atelier "Se professionnaliser après le L2" - jeudi 25 juin - procédure complémentaire d'inscription

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