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23 sept.

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Choosing a higher education course in France

France education portal
Web interface for access to all the main official sites of the French Ministry for Education: the ministry, institutions under the ministry's umbrella, specialist sites, educational bodies... Direct access to sites, or selection of pages grouped under main themes and levels of education.

This website is very detailed and contains  information on courses and professions: 17,000 educational establishments, all the secondary and higher education qualifications in France, infosheets on 400 different professions, a contact list for all the advisory services on educational and professional training options and the possibility of viewing ONISEP prospectuses online.

Campus France
Website of the Agency EduFrance whose purpose is to promote French higher education courses across the world and to offer foreign students a service providing information, advice and a route to apply for courses.

Ministère de l'Education nationale - List of universities
This page of the Ministère de l'Education Nationale website provides a list of French universities by Académie (French local education authorities) with their postal addresses and a link to their websites.

Higher education LMD (Licence - Master - Doctorat), Licence' course - Professional licences'
Information on professional licences'.

This web site presents the IUTs (Institut Universitaire de Technologie - Technology departments within universities) in France. It is a portal leading to the websites of the different IUTs in France.

Directory of IUTs in France
This website provides a list of IUT by Académie and by speciality (link towards the site of each IUT). It provides a list of IUTs offering a DNTS, a DU (diplôme d'université as opposed to an LMD which are diplômes nationaux). There is a link to the ministerial website for professional licences').

Ministère de l'Education nationale - List of BTS specialities
Page taken from the Ministère de la Jeunesse, de l'Education et de la Recherché website where the up-to-date list of BTSs (Brevet de technician supérieur - a secondary school vocational qualification) and their specialities is published. Access to some of their frameworks (skills taught etc.) List of Production BTSs, list of Service BTSs, list of Art profession BTSs.

Official national directory of private education
List of private Catholic and secular establishments in France and the French overseas territories. It covers primary, secondary, professional, technological and higher education. It also offers a cross-referenced search based on 4 criteria: level of training/education, speciality or discipline, geographical location, type of teaching. This site enables you to find a course as well as a type of institution.

Conférence des Grandes Ecoles
The Conférence des Grandes Ecoles is a body (1901 law) of Elite Schools for engineering, management and broad or specific superior level teaching, all recognised by the State and which award a national diploma after at least 5 successful years of post-baccalaureate study. On this website you will find the list of schools by field and by region, general information on Masters, the alphabetical list and list by subject of specialised Masters and links to other schools' websites and the survey on past graduates' jobs.

Concours PASS
Summary: Wesite on the concours PASS which is the general competitive entry examination organised by 5 business schools

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