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23 mai

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Whether you are looking  for a work placement or a job, you will need information on companies to be better able to target those you  should approach.

First of all ask yourself which companies could be interested in your background.

Then, draw up a strategy to send them your application: letter, CV or e-application.

A few questions you should ask yourself about a company

  • Company name, senior management team, address, telephone, website

  • Size of company, legal status, whether it belongs to a conglomerate

  • Main and secondary lines of business

  • Main products and/or services

  • The company's history, from its founding to the most recent developments.

  • Who are its clients, suppliers and sub-contractors (business sectors, type of company etc.)

  • Turnover, potential foreign shareholdings.

  • Import/export activities

  • Recruitment practice, in particular for young graduates

  • What roles, for what projects/tasks.

  • Student work placement policy.

Last updated April 3, 2012

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