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27 janv.

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Continuing education and apprenticeship

You are
in employment, a job-seeker, under 26 years of age, company manager, self-employed, public employee, private individual...

You want to

- return to study, obtain national diplomas,
- obtain qualifications, make a career move, change professions,
- undergo sandwich-course training
- have your professional knowledge validated : VAP-VAE,
or simply acquire new skills.

The continuing education and apprenticeship department can provide you with support, information and advice, and help you imagine, devise and implement all your projects.

We propose high-level university training courses and a wide range of educational fields. Some of our diplomas are grant-aided by the Regional authorities, special conditions are applicable for others (evening classes, distance learning, sandwich courses...).
Personalised internships can be set up upon request.

Please feel free to come and talk with us

Last updated October 20, 2011


Continuing Education and Apprenticeship Centre
Tel.: 05 61 55 66 30 - Fax: 05 61 55 87 01

Reception / Offices:
1 avenue Latécoère, Toulouse

Postal address
UPS - MFCA 31062 Toulouse cedex 9

Continuing education

Sandwich courses


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