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27 janv.

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Welcome to the Cultural Department

Throughout the year exhibitions and scientific conferences are on offer for the university community and the general public.
Encounters with the world of live theatre and performance are organised in collaboration with the city's cultural bodies.
Two cultural UE d'Ouverture (introductory modules) are organised for third year (L3) Science students: a Writing Workshop and a Theatrical Expression Workshop.

Artistic workshops are run by professionals for the students.

The Cultural Department works with student associations to help them create cultural projects to be presented at the Le CAP venue.

Service Culture

Presenting the team

Head of Department:
Véronique PRÉVOST

Assistant - Reception - Communication:

Logistics - Heritage and collections:
Hélène FAUR

Responsible for the management office of cultural events:

Technician and stage manager of the Le CAP venue:

Our offices are on the 1st floor of the Forum Louis Lareng.
We are open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Last updated April 4, 2012


Tél. : 05 61 55 62 63

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