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27 janv.

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A licence' is the first stage in the LMD structure

A 'Licence' course is the first organisational level of university studies (LMD). It is structured into 6 semesters. Each semester is made up of teaching units. To each unit of learning corresponds a number of credits (ECTS) representing the time it takes to complete all the study (Lectures, tutorials, practicals and work placements or theses... ) as well as personal study time. Each semester is equivalent to 30 credits. A licence' is equivalent to 180 credits.

Credits are acquired at the same time as semesters are validated by successfully passing examinations. The ECTS obtained are acquired permanently and provide students with the possibility of travel (in France or Europe or for education throughout a lifetime etc.).
There are two examination sessions for each semester: one for the main examination and the other to re-take.

A 'licence' is the first stage in the LMD structue

At the Université Paul Sabatier, qualifications are divided into fields, specialities and courses/routes.
The field corresponds to a set of courses in a common professional or disciplinary area.  The speciality corresponds to a disciplinary area. The course/route is a particular sub-speciality in a disciplinary area.

There are 3 fields open to study: Sciences Technologie Santé' (STS - Science, Technology and Healthcare), Sciences et Technologies des Activités Physiques et Sportives' (STAPS - Sports and Physical Activity Science and Technology) and Droit Economie Gestion' (DEG - Law, Economics and Management).

The STS field includes 10 specialities, STAPS, 4 and DEG, 2 (3rd year of 'Licence' only).

Progressive orientatio

Students will make their choices gradually over the terms, based on their plan:

Licence 1 (L1): On registration for the first year of a Licence (L1) students choose a field and entry portal for the STS field. At the end of the first semester: students prepare to choose a Licence speciality by choosing a main subject, in the STS field. At the end of the second semester Students choose their Licence speciality.

Licence 2 (L2): Teaching year with a common core including optional units that are relevant to the course students are aiming at in the third year of 'licence' (L3). At the end of L2, students choose a course within the specialism of the chosen 'licence'

Licence 3 (L3):  In L3, in each 'Licence' speciality, the choice of course will meet one of 3 possible goals:

    *  pursuit of a 'Master'*,
    *  preparation for a teacher's examination or an administrative examination,
    *  preparation for direct entry into the labour market (licence professionnelle).

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