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21 juil.

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The Inter-University Federation for the French-Speaking Virtual Medical University (Fédération Inter-Universitaire pour l'Université Médicale Virtuelle Francophone - FIU-UMVF) is a national public-interest group.
Its mission is to implement information and communication technologies for teaching (ICTT) medicine in initial and continuing courses

Toulouse Faculty of Pharmacy

Welcome to the site, which we hope will meet your needs.
The Toulouse Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science has a very fine campus located within a top-quality scientific complex. It is very close to the University Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire - CHU), which is one of the best in France...

Faculty of Dental Surgery

The Faculty of Dental Surgery, or Odontology UFR (Unité de Formation et de Recherche - Reserach and Education Unit) has been located since 1995 at No. 3 Chemin des Maraîchers, on the edge of the University scientific complex in Rangueil in south-eastern Toulouse.

Toulouse Faculties of Medicine

The Toulouse Purpan and Toulouse Rangueil Faculties of Medicine are two components of the Université Paul Sabatier. Together with the Regional Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Régional) they form the University Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire).


The Communication Networks and Services Department (Services et Réseaux de Communication - SRC or  SéRéCom) in Castres offers courses leading to a DUT (University Technology Diploma - 2-year programme) and a Licence Professionnelle (Professional degree - 3-year programme).
There are around one hundred students for the two years of the DUT and around fifty for the Licence.


Doctoral School of Mechanics, Energy, Civil and Chemical Engineering
The Doctoral School offers five specialities:
· Fluid Dynamics - Dynamique des fluides, DDF
· Energy and Transfers - Energétique et transferts, ET
· Chemical and Environmental Engineering - Génie des Procédés et de l'Environnement, GPE
· Mechanical Engineering, Materials Mechanics - Génie mécanique, mécanique des matériaux, G3M
· Civil Engineering - Génie Civil, GC

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure IUP

The Civil Engineering and Infrastructure IUP (professional training centre) was created in 1992. It offers a M            asters degree through initial and continuing courses, and aims to produce executives capable of contributing to design, directing construction and managing production systems in the field of public works, integrating the technical, financial and human aspects of business.

IUP M.E.R Toulouse - Managing Network Enterprises

Welcome to the Managing Network Enterprises website (Management de l'Entreprise Réseau - MER), bachelor's degree (licence) and masters 1 and 2 courses in Organisational Engineering at Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III.


This website presents the Toulouse Université Paul Sabatier course in mechanical engineering. Toulouse has always been linked to aeronautics, and the Mechanical Engineering diplomas delivered by Toulouse follow the rule:  they are to a great extent focused on the aeronautics sector.

IT Degree

The computing foundation course provided by the Computing Degree (licence) teaches the core scientific and technological principles of the IT world.

serécom Tarbes

The University Technology Diploma (DUT) in Communication Networks and Services (Services et Réseaux de Communication) is a professional qualification for designing and creating multimedia products and services, on and off line.

Civil Engineering Centre

Welcome to the Civil Engineering studies website of the Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III (Licence, Master Pro and Master Research diplomas in Civil Engineering).

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