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22 août

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Doctoral Schools

Doctoral training, training through Research, for Research and Innovation, is exclusively given within Doctoral Schools (Ecoles Doctorales, or ED). All doctorates are studied for at an ED, in a laboratory or within a research team recognised by national assessment and under the supervision of a thesis director attached to this ED.
Doctoral training is recognised as professional experience which, after a viva voce thesis examination, confers the status of Doctor of the Université de Toulouse, issued by the Université Paul Sabatier.

The ED programme of action is defined by the decree of 7 August 2006.
In this framework, the main responsibilities of the ED are as follows:

  • to offer doctoral students training relevant to their research project and career plan, as well as training necessary to the acquisition of extended scientific knowledge. This training must prepare the doctoral student to become a researcher in both the academic and business sectors, but more generally for any profession that requires the skills acquired during doctoral training;
  • to implement a policy of recruiting doctoral students of high calibre;
  • to guarantee the quality of doctoral students' supervision by laboratories and research groups, and to ensure that the Charte des Thèses de l'Université de Toulouse is followed;
  • to make sure the doctoral student is aware of the importance of defining a training plan at the beginning of their thesis that will prepare them for employment;
  • to monitor the professional integration of all the doctoral students the school has hosted;
  • to provide a European and international dimension to the course, in particular via the promotion of joint international thesis supervision.

More than 40% of the annual influx of new doctoral students onto the Midi-Pyrenees site or of Université de Toulouse doctors (approx 400/year) involves the Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier.


All the EDs of the Midi-Pyrenees site are part of the Collège Doctoral Université de Toulouse which in turn is part of the PRES and whose role is to work towards doctoral training being held onsite (contact CDUT: Monique Martinez).
The Collège Doctoral Université de Toulouse has therefore contributed to the implementation of:

  • a thesis charter for the Université de Toulouse,
  • rules of application from the decree of 7 August 2006 pertaining to doctoral training common to the 6 Toulouse establishments issuing the qualification of doctor,
  • doctoral application and registration forms as well as thesis viva forms which are unique to each establishment,
  • a shared offer for all courses with a professional aim: Doctoriales, Docteur vers son Métier, Foreign Language or French as a Foreign Language modules.

Last updated July 9, 2012


Doctoral schools

UPS has a co-accreditation agreement with 11 of the 15 doctoral schools on the Midi Pyrénées site (and is the supporting institution for six of them), namely:
The individual sheets for the doctoral schools are being updated as part of the new Five-year Contract.
If you have any questions, please contact: Monique Lemort - +33 (0)5 61 55 63 26

Nine doctoral schools in the Science-Technology-Health field,
six of which are coordinated by UPS:

  • Biology, health, biotechnologies - BSB
  • Electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications - GEET
  • Mathematics, IT, telecommunications (Toulouse) - MITT
  • Materials science - SdM
  • Sciences of the universe, the environment and space - SDU2E
  • Ecological, veterinary, agricultural and bio-engineering sciences - SEVAB

and three are co-accredited:

  • Aeronautics, astronautics - AA
  • Mechanical, energy, civil and process engineering - MEGeP
  • Systems

Two doctoral schools in the field of Human and Social Sciences are co-accredited

  • Behaviour, language, education, socialisation, cognition - CLESCO
  • Arts, literature, languages, philosophy, communication - ALLPH@
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