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20 juil.

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On 1st January 2010 our university signed up to Extended Responsibilities and Competence - Responsabilités et Compétences Elargies (RCE). As a result, most of the social support services that were managed by the State for university employees are now to be managed at the university level.

Who is affected? A simple answer: all university staff, whether teachers, teacher-researchers, or BIATOSS (technical staff), whether state employees, contractors or funded by the university.

Who does what? Our university has entrusted the management of social support services to SCAS (Service Culturel et l'Action Sociale). The following table, Guide to services from 1st January 2010, presents each of the departments or managing bodies delivering the services and the point of contact for obtaining information or applying for the service. This information can also be found on the SCAS website and will be updated whenever necessary.

For all welfare matters, please

-  Send an email to:

- Contact Madame Josiane LAFFORGUE, Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 16:30:

by telephone on 05 61 55 86 11;or at the SCAS premises, UPSIDUM building, office 103;

-  Write to her at the following address:

Madame Josiane LAFFORGUE
Bâtiment UPSIDUM
Bureau Action sociale
118 route de Narbonne
31062 Toulouse CEDEX

social support  Policy Committee
The SCAS Social Support Committee will continue to fulfil its role:

-  proposing a social support policy for UPS;
- monitoring and evaluating the university social support policy and making forecasts.

This committee can, as necessary, seek input from experts on specific points.

Special case assessment committee

SCAS will manage the work of a committee appointed to assess special cases, such as requests from staff for assistance. These requests will fall outside the normal standards laid down and may lead to emergency intervention and/or recommendations for specific training. 

This committee will be of limited size, since it will be dealing with special cases.

SCAS will implement this committee's recommendations, in liaison with the relevant departments (Disability Resource Centre - Cellule Handicap, staff training, etc.) and institutional partners (MGEN, CASDEN, etc.).

Last updated April 4, 2012

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