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20 nov.

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Getting support

Université Paul Sabatier is offering each student the opportunity of support throughout their LMD career with various services, tools and events.

The SCUIO / E4 resource-space aims to welcome, provide information, give career advice and help in integration to all sixth-form pupils, students and adults.

Professionals - reception, information and orientation staff, librarians, psychologist-careers advisers, work psychologists, employment advisers - all give support to those who want it with questions and approaches adapted to different needs:


Personalised assistance

Different workshops  are on offer for you to sign up for:

Plan/self-assessment summary

One-to-one interviews are held on appointment by psychologist careers advisors and employment advisors.

You can ask librarians for one-to-one help in documentary research.

Support tools

Digital experience and skills portfolio (PEC)
Pass - Avenir software programme for careers advice,
Other self-assessment tests and questionnaires advised by psychologist-careers advisors and VAE self-assessment advisers An INFODOC  databaseDocumentary resources


Various events provide support in choosing a career path:

  • INFOSUP fair
  • Open days for lower-sixth form pupils (Discovery of Professions and Courses of Study)
  • University Open Days
  • L1 Welcome week
  • Study course forum L1 first term

The SCUIO / E4 is also organising:

  • Post-L2 orientation days
  • Themed conferences
  • Meetings with professionals, students and course tutors.


Last updated March 19, 2012



  • Journées de l'orientation post-L2- 1ère semaine de mai
  • jeudi 25 juin - procédure complémentaire d'inscription


  • Des professionnels à votre service
  • Des outils d'aide à l'orientation : logiciel PASS'AVENIR, tests et questionnaires ...
  • S'inscrire aux ateliers et prendre RDV
  • Un lieu-ressource : le SCUIO/E4
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