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25 sept.

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Going abroad to study


Communauté française de Belgique - Equivalence service
Summary: Part of the Communauté française de Belgique website covers equivalent qualifications and provides in-depth information to anyone who would like to study in secondary or higher education in Belgium. Another section covers access to a job or course for foreigners.

Spanish universities portal
Summary: Portal to 985 higher education establishments in Spain

EGIDE Centre Français pour l'accueil et les échanges internationaux (French Centre for international exchanges and hosting)
Summary: Website on hosting and international exchanges. This service provides information on the Lavoisier scholarship programmes, bilateral scholarships, EIFFEL Doctorat scholarships, a call for student applications, collects applications and passes them on for selection and has individual contact with scholars to organise their departure. EIFFEL Doctorat scholarships (80), created in 2005 by the Ministère des Affaires étrangères, are exclusively for foreign doctoral students who wish to study in France.

Ministère de l'Education nationale - Studying abroad
Summary: Part of the ministère de l'education nationale website for students who wish to pursue their studies abroad, more specifically in a European country: The idea is to give recognition to qualifications obtained in the European Union - the Socrates programme, the Leonardo programme and the Erasmus Mundus programme - and assistance to student who are going abroad.

CREPUQ (PÉÉ) exchange programme students / CREPUQ Conférence des Recteurs et des Principaux des Universitiés du Québec (Conference of University Chancellors and the Main Universities of Quebec)
Summary: Information on the CREPUQ agreement. How to study abroad in Canada. List of Quebecois establishments signatory to this agreement.

CNOUS Centre National des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires / CNOUS Centre National des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (National Centre for University and School life)
Summary: National website for university-related issues, covering all aspects of student life. Student life:  grants, accommodation, university canteens, jobs, studying abroad. Foreign students: finance, registration, learning French.

Ploteus - Portail sur les opportunités d'études et de formation en Europe (Portal on study and training opportunities in Europe)
Summary: European Community website, portal on educational and training opportunities across the European Community. Five sections have been developed on the portal. They provide information on the different European educational systems, university exchanges and contacts and practical advice on accommodation, study costs, social security etc. Website in English.
Deutscher Bildungsserver - German education server
Summary: Website on education in Germany, information compiled on an online service coordinated by the ministerial departments in charge of federal education and in the Lander. Some sections are translated into English or French.

EUROGUIDANCE / National Centres for career orientation resources
Summary: The network of national centres for career orientation resources gives information and advice via this website to young adults who are planning to work in different European project. You can find information on professional training or courses of study, work placements, scholarships/grants, improving language skills and European programmes in other European countries.

CEDIES Centre de Documentation et d'information sur l'Enseignement Supérieur (Higher Education Documentation and Information Centre)
Summary: Website of the Luxembourg Higher Education Documentation and Information Centre: studies, training, professions.

Studying in Italy - A guide for French students
Summary: This website, created by the Franco-Italian University has very practical sections for any French student who wishes to complete part of their studies in Italy: understanding Italian higher education, choosing your study route, preparing for departure and living and working in Italy. The website also has many web links to further information on these topics.

Studying abroad - France diplomatie - Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes
Summary: Part of the ministère des affaires étrangères website on study abroad: it covers financing one's studies or work placement abroad, the bodies in charge of providing information to students on studying abroad (directory of universities abroad, list of higher educational courses abroad taught in French etc.), work placements abroad, preparing for departure, address book etc.

TASSEP - North America
Summary: Website of the Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program, a consortium of European, American and Canadian universities for science student exchanges. Exchanges are subject to certain conditions and also depend on the places available and the reciprocity of the exchange. This website also publishes a list of Canadian universities who take part in this exchange. Website in English.
Exchange programme - Student mobility / UPS - international relations
Summary: Part of the website providing information for French students at Université Paul Sabatier who wish to study abroad as part of a student exchange programme. Presentation of the exchange programme, list of teaching contacts and application form.

Directory of universities abroad / Brain track
Summary: Website listing all the universities worldwide by continent, then by country. Website in English.

Partir à l'étranger pour faire un stage [Partir à l'étranger]


Going on a work placement abroad

Kap'stage / Kap'stages
Summary: Website developed by Kompass specialising in finding work placements in France and abroad for contrats de qualification' and contrats d'apprentissage'. List of companies who are recruiting and work placement opportunities online.

Centre d'Information et de Documentation Jeunesse (Youth Information and Documentation Centre) / CIDJ
Summary: The CIDJ website has the following sections: Studies and professions, Health and Everyday Life, Sport and Leisure, Europe and International, Work Placement Opportunities, student associations, Youth Initiatives and a European Portal.

Council on International Educational Exchange / Council on International Educational Exchange
Summary: Website presenting this body's activities: organising language exchanges, jobs and work placements abroad. Website in English.

All paths leading to study abroad / Club Teli
Summary: Website for assistance in international work and study. Job vacancies, work placement opportunities, casual work, au pairing... throughout the world. There are also reviews and publications available.

Office Franco-Québequois pour la Jeunesse (Franco-Quebecois Office for Youth)
Summary: Website providing information about Canada. This will help you find a company to sponsor you or to put together a plan.

CRIJ Midi Pyrénées - Go on a work placement / CRIJ Midi-Pyrénées
Summary: Part of the website on the process for going abroad in Europe. Information on finding a work placement or job abroad. Useful contacts are also provided.

Office national de garantie des séjours et stages linguistique / Office National de Garantie des Séjours et Stages Linguistiques (National Guarantee Office for Language Exchanges and Work Placements)
Summary: Website providing information on how to find a language placement, to work as an au pair or to find a company work placement.

Maison des Français de l'Etranger / Ministère des Affaires Etrangères - Maison des français à l'étranger
Summary: Website providing general information for the preparation of a departure abroad. Country files, embassy director, practical infosheets on everyday life, working, work placements or finding information on the foreign country. Information on social protection, tax and schooling.

Eurodesk France / Eurodesk France (101 Quai Branly, Paris, France)
Summary: The French Eurodesk website is mainly for professionals, but it also contains useful information for young people. It offers unique access to all the European and national tools for young people and youth professionals as well as an up-to-date list of the next application deadlines for European programmes. The section destination Europe shows an interactive map "Choose your country" and practical information by topic: preparing for departure, studying, going on a work placement etc.

Making work placements abroad safe / AFCI Assemblée des chambres de commerce et d'industrie (Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry)
Summary: This guide is mainly for companies, and its aim is to provide a reminder of specific rules that must be observed in sending a young person to a company abroad under the best conditions, in particular in terms of safety. It is also useful to students to be aware of the regulations and to ensure the conditions for departure are met.

Eunext - Facilitating the organisation of transnational work placements / Université de Bordeaux
Summary: Eunext website: catalogue of tools to help build each stage of a transnational work placement, access to descriptive files on intern status in different European countries and a proposal for a European status, an intranet space for discussion and cooperation with other professionals and a section with updates on developments and events relating to work placements in Europe.

How to Write a Cover Letter
Summary: Part of the website where you can find tips on writing your cover letter in English. Advice is tailormade to different situations. Website in US English.

How to Write a Resume
Summary: Part of the website where you can find tips on writing your CV in English. Advice is tailormade to different situations. Website in US English.

Sample resumes and cover letters / Department of Planning and Community Development
Summary: Part of the Australian website where you can find tips on writing your cover letter and CV in English. Help with the thought process is offered.

ModEmploiUK / ModEmploiUK
Summary: Website offering advice on the steps to take to find a job in Great Britain.

How to write your CV in English / ModEmploiUK - EXEMPLES DE CV EN ANGLAIS
Summary: Document taken from a website giving advice on writing the different paragraphs of a CV in English.

International volunteering body / Projects abroad
Summary: Website offering voluntary work placements abroad in various fields such as medicine, journalism, law, management, veterinary medicine and animal care.

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