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19 janv.

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Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche grants

To ensure students can complete their studies, financial assistance may be granted to them according to their circumstances and the course they are taking.
Students in higher education with grants are exempt from university fees in public higher educational establishments, as well as from student social security contributions.
Any grant and/or accommodation application must be made with a dossier social étudiant' (DSE - student social form) between 15 January and 30 April before the beginning of the academic year via the website:

Grants based on social criteria (Licence/Master courses)

This variable sum of assistance (scale of 0 to 6) is paid over 9 months. The annual sum of grants based on social criteria (2011/2012 scale) is as follows:

Level 0: exemption from registration fees and social security contribution
Level 1: 1,606 euros
Level 2: 2,419 euros
Level 3: 3,100 euros
Level 4: 3,779 euros
Level 5: 4,339 euros
Level 6:  4,600 euros (see allocation conditions on the CNOUS website)

Last updated April 4, 2012


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