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23 juil.

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Consultations at student request: 


Consultations are free and by appointment:
Centre de l'Arsenal:  Tel: or 49
Centre du Mirail:      Tel:
Centre de Rangueil:  Tel:

Summary table of the various consultations

If you cannot attend your appointment, please telephone us as soon as possible to cancel so that another student can benefit from the appointment.

Preventive medicine consultation

Any student registered at the University qualifies on request for a health check-up with a general practitioner from the department.

Other consultations:

Dermatology, nutrition - food hygiene, family planning, contraception, giving up smoking...

Medico-psychological support:

               -  Psychiatrist
                - Psychologists: following the decree of January 1991, this consultation focuses on promoting autonomy of personality. It is intended for anyone feeling the need to work through issues such as problems, discomfort or suffering. It is also intended for anyone wishing as an individual to work through a personal question, need or conflict.


Last updated April 4, 2012

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