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17 juil.

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Measures on behalf of students with a disability

Measures on behalf of students with a disability

Those affected:

Students suffering from a serious health problem, or suffering from a temporary or permanent disability.

How to access resources for your situation?

The student must request the resources. Following the request a SIMPPS doctor will see the student in order to establish the resources required, then prepare the appropriate documentation to enable these resources to be made available.

Who to contact?

For all information contact the SIMPPS centre in the University where you are registered, or the Department of Student Life,which will inform you of the correct procedures.

Students registered at UT1 and ENSEEIHT make an appointment with Dr MEHU-PARANT: (or 49). Students registered at UTM, make an appointment with Dr SARROSTE - GALL: Students at UPS, CPP, A7, ENSAT, make an appointment with Dr CADIEUX: Email:

Students registered at INSA, make an appointment with Dr VIALAS through the INSA nurse.

Last updated April 4, 2012

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