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17 juil.

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Q: I have received my appointment for the medical check-up, but I have a class that clashes.
A: The medical check-up is mandatory for students registering for the first time for higher education. Show your appointment card to your teacher - you will be excused from the class.
If you have a reason why you absolutely cannot attend the appointment (exam, mid-term, serious family obligation, driving test, etc.), you can exchange appointments with another student (who must attend at the time of your appointment while you attend at the time of their appointment). Please be sure to phone the number on your appointment card to give the details of the student with whom you are exchanging appointments.

Q: I received my appointment for a medical check-up, but have left my vaccination record with my parents. Should I still attend the appointment?
A: Yes, attend the appointment, and bring your vaccination and health records at a later date.

Q: I would like to take a first-aid course. Who should I ask?
A: Seek information from the Department of Student Life (Division de la Vie Etudiante - UT1 UTMUPS ), from the university sports department or from associations with accreditation from the Prefecture

Q: I would like to give blood. Where should I go?
A: Regular blood donation days are organised on the Toulouse University campuses.
Giving blood is a gesture of solidarity towards those for whom your donation is literally vital. Students often organise the logistics.
You will have a pre-donation interview with a doctor, then a nurse will take your donation (8 to 12 minutes).
You will then be welcomed to the recovery area to eat/drink a snack.
Giving blood is totally risk-free. The equipment is sterile and single-use.

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