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27 janv.

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Scientific, medical and artistic heritage

With its long history, Université Paul Sabatier has a rich and diverse heritage. The artefacts and historic collections retrace the paths of enquiry followed by researchers over time. Men and women who were there at the start of these developments imprinted the University's style and strong points.

Finally, taking the broadest view of our university's particular character, the role of art cannot be ignored. The architecture of the buildings and the presence of works of art at the university sites are also links with the minds and ideas of the time.

Discovering our collections

Click on the picture below to uncover the riches of collections and heritage at Université Paul Sabatier:

Les Collections de l'UPS

Fragments of science

An exhibition called Fragments of Science will take place throughout the 2010/2011 academic year. Each month, in a display in the Science library, a different, historic scientific instrument will be exhibited, bearing witness to our University's scientific heritage.
The website below will present each instrument as it is exhibited.

Exposition Fragments de Science

The Mission to Safeguard the modern Scientific Heritage of Midi-Pyrénées

As part of the Festival of Science, and specifically the Scientific Heritage section, discover a selection of physics instruments by clicking on the image below:
Logo Mission Sauvegarde du Patrimoine

The antique book collection

As part of the Festival of Science, the antique book department of the Toulouse SICD (Documentation Centre) is presenting Les Flores and the Edouard and Louis Lartet collection for you to discover by clicking on the links below:

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