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27 janv.

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Industrial and Commercial Development

Partnership and Industrial Exploitation Division

Part of the Laboratory Support Department (DSL).

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Mission statement


Transfer the results of state research into the socio-economic environment,Encourage synergy between businesses and the University.



Negotiation and legal preparation of research partnerships (public and private);Administrative and financial supervision of research contracts;Providing financial and human resources to support technology transfer, patent applications and licensing; Generating publicity and support for the creation of innovative companies in liaison with the incubator Nubbo.


L'ophtalmologue M.Mathis met en application les résultats de l'IMRCPOur technology transfer activities are part of a site-focused policy, together with the Université de Toulouse PRES Industrial Exploitation department.
If you are in industry, are a company CEO or the head of  an organisation and want to collaborate with the University, or are looking for an R&D solution... talk to the UPS Partnership and Industrial Exploitation Division.

There are numerous grants available to companies wanting to invest in R&D.


Last updated August 20, 2018


DSL - Division du Partenariat et de la Valorisation
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tel : 05 61 55 66 04
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