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27 janv.

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Getting information

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Whatever your plan, an information gathering stage is always necessary to choose, decide and act.

For a study or career plan, this means finding out about the:

You can also plan to Go abroad for a period of study, a work placement or to find a job.
The service provides you with a specialist document collection on the themes of higher education, professions, companies and business sectors.
This collection is permanently updated and includes documents of diverse origins - publications obtained from publishing houses, press articles, professional federation handbooks or educational catalogues for example.
It also includes electronic resources, in particular a selection of websites. See the online catalogue.
The SCUIO offers:


. Discover the professions and business sectors that lead on from a discipline studied at UPS.
Find out about the employment market, business sectors and company departments.
. Find information on companies.

. Kompass - Business directory
. Atlas of basic training in France - Qualifications, educational establishments.
. CIDJ and CRIJ - Infosheet on studies, professions and student life in general.
. INFO-DOC database - Exploration of the SCUIO document collection.

Students who are interested may sign up online or at the SCUIO reception desk.
Teaching staff who wish to accompany their students may contact Anais Ayité by email  or by telephone on +33 (0)5 61 55 73 79

Last updated October 20, 2011

UPS masters for the new academic year 2011-12

In partnership with teaching staff, SCUIO has produced a set of prospectuses for each Masters subject. They describe the aims of the subject, the pathways from the final year of undergraduate programmes through to second-year Masters level, and highlight the intended career outcomes (economic sectors and professions).

View them online...

Preparing for your next step after PACES

More details on the links between education and employment


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