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21 janv.

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Work placement / job postings

As part of the courses taught at UPS, preparations for students' and graduates' entry to the labour market have been developed over several years.

Upon arrival at the university, students are mentored by a tutor who will guide them in putting together a career plan.

Many courses include a work placement and/or the involvement of professionals in the teaching.

There is a host of resources and services on offer to students and teaching staff within the SCUIO/E4 which performs its traditional role of providing information, careers advice and assistance in finding a job or work placement.

The creation of a Bureau d'Aide à l'insertion professionnelle (careers office) and in particular a work placement and job posting service - B@IP - strengthens this voluntary approach working towards the professional integration of graduates.

These services are for courses, students and also for YOU, as a company:

  • If you are looking for an intern
  • If you need to recruit

            Send your ads to B@IP

They will be published online for students to apply.

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