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24 août

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Laboratories and federative research structures

Laboratories and federative research structures

Find information here about the laboratories and federative research structures of the Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier.

The research structures are organised into

4 clusters:

  • SdM: Materials Science - Physics, Chemistry, Materials (Science de la Matière)
  • MST2I: Mathematics, Information and Engineering Sciences and Technologies (Mathématique et Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de l'Ingénierie).
  • UPEE: Universe, Planet, Environment, Space (Univers, Planète, Environnement, Espace)
  • SdV: Life Sciences - core biology, health, environment, agro-bio-science (Sciences du Vivant)

and 1 axis:

CIGEDIL: Communication, Information, Language Management and Didactics (Communication, Information, GEstion et DIdactique des Langues)

Individual dossiers on these research structures are being updated, with respect to
the new Five Year Contract
For any enquiries please contact: Fanny Weiss - 05 61 55 72 82

Last updated October 10, 2011

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Search of a research center

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