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23 mai

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Mission statement

L'Espace Etudiants Emplois Entreprises de l'UPS (UPS Student Space for Jobs and Businesses) aims to:

support students and sixth-form pupils in building their future lives by assisting with their study plans and future career choices

  • through information on courses in higher education, professions, the employment market and companies,
  • through help in study and career choices,
  • through help in finding employment.

These have been our goals since decree 86-195 of 6 February 1986 and were reinforced in 2007 by the law on University Freedoms and Responsibilities (Law no. 2007-1199 of 10 August 2007). 

At UPS, the current team of professionals at the service develops activities and tools to create a connection between university courses and companies' needs and to enable each student to build his or her future career. 

  • Find out about how companies are organised and how they operate to make connections between what you have learnt in a discipline and the necessary skills for a profession,
  • Find out about the economic business sectors to identify the places where the know-how and technical knowledge learnt at university are applied and to determine your potential job market.
  • Get to know yourself better, do a self-assessment to reveal your motivations and desires, to assess your potential, abilities and life skills,
  • Put these to the test up against the reality of professional and employment market requirements and develop your personal plan,
  • Then get organised to search for a work placement or job, put together an argument, choose a strategy and approach companies.

At each of these stages, you will be able to work autonomously in the reading room, attend a workshop, meeting or make an appointment.

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