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24 janv.

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The robots have left Paul Sab'

Over seven thousand people visited our campus on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October for Novela and Fête de la science! It was a runaway success, thanks to the pulling power of robotics, one of the real highlights of our laboratories’ current research work.


The whole university site played host to a wide range of special events: challenges, workshops, production workshops, demos, performances, etc., as well as exhibitions on magnetism and the history of robotics in Toulouse, the weekend's headline theme.

  • Friday

Over 1,200 primary and secondary school pupils from all over the region came to follow a trail designed to teach them all about the many rewarding aspects of robots. And more!

Visitors were also taken on an emotional rollercoaster by the play Sayonara,  which tells the story of a dying woman nursed by an android with a feminine appearance. They also learned all about the exploits of LAAS (CNRS) researchers in a staging of Roboscopie.

  • Saturday

Five thousand curious minds will undoubtedly have taken plenty away from the second day! Youngsters and adults alike met robots in the great hall and the big top erected specially for the occasion, and enjoyed the various activities on offer.

800 robot toothbrushes were made

Titan, originally from Great Britain, did us the honour of spending his first visit to France in our city. At 3pm and then 5pm, he put on jaw-dropping

performances for his new fans. The comic robot, with his exaggerated human antics (including burping and breaking wind), wowed the crowds with his mechanical sensitivity, wild dancing and big metal heart: watch the video on YouTube

There was also an unforgettable performance by hip hop dancer Tayeb Benamara and his twin, the HRP2 robot, who remarkably managed to imitate Tayeb's movements against a soundtrack of electronic noises. It was such a success that he had to make a second and third appearance to keep the people waiting outside the hall happy. It was packed to the rafters! And his biggest fans got there before us with this video uploaded to YouTube.

As you can tell, this year was THE must-see encounter between robots and the general public. Anyone unlucky enough to miss it should definitely not miss next year, which promises to be an even more sensational collaboration between La Novela and Fête de la science.

on the October 18, 2011
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