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18 janv.

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Councils and Boards

The Governing Board - Conseil d'administration

Article L.712-3 of the French Education Code.


The Governing Board (Conseil d'administration) decides on policy for the establishment, in particular deliberating on the content of its contractual obligations.

    • It votes the budget and approves the accounts.  
    • It settles, in compliance with national priorities, the assignment of employment allocated by the competent ministers.
    • It authorises the president to take any judicial action. 
    • It approves agreements and accords signed by the president, and, subject to specific conditions decreed, borrowing, participation, creation of subsidiaries, acceptance of gifts and legacies and real estate purchases.
    • It can delegate some of its powers to the university president. The president then accounts to the governing board, as soon as possible, for the decisions taken in the context of the delegation.

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