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10 déc.

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Infosup November 2010 Special

For the occasion of the Infosup Fair and to inform sixth-form pupils of the new educational opportunity created by the Ministry (quinquennial contract September 2011 - August 2016), the SCUIO has created new publications and updated existing ones.

Guide to licences' (pdf. 4,86Mo)

A presentation of all the courses on offer in Sciences, Technologies and Health by field, speciality and study route.

The introductory section gives details on:

the L1 year and the SFA (Sciences Fondamentales et Appliquées - Basic and Applied Sciences) and SN (Sciences de la Nature - Natural Sciences) entry portals.preparations for entry examinations to engineering, agronomics or veterinary schools,assistance services.

List of licences' and licences professionnelles' (pdf. 299Ko)  

List of masters (pdf. 300Ko)

Collection Studies and where they lead in...

A series of publications to present UPS courses from licence' to 'master', by discipline. Note that some disciplines can be divided into several specialities. These brochures will provide students with a better overview of all the study options and courses and their aims in terms of further study or careers. Each publication includes:

an overview table Doing ... at UPS" that shows the possible routes according to the student's aims and plans.a narrative that specifies the professional outcomes of courses in terms of profession and business sector, as well as a bibliography providing some documentary resources available at the SCUIO.


Studies and where they lead in...


Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology- handbook (pdf.444KO) diagram (pdf.195Ko)










  • Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sporting Activities (STAPS)  - handbook (pdf.243Ko) diagram (pdf.96,9Ko)

To create these publications, documentalists referred to qualification accreditation files provided by the DEVE and the SCUIO documentary resources. Each of the narratives was an opportunity for very valuable discussions with the tutors responsible for different specialities or diplomas.

The Guide to licences', List of Licences' and Licences professionnelles' and the List of Masters' were approved by the CEVU.

The publications Studies and where they lead in... were approved by teaching staff.

If despite all the attention we gave to creating these publications there is information missing or in need of completion, please let us know by sending an email to the SCUIO. The aim is to make theses documents permanent and regularly updated.

Last updated March 26, 2012

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