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20 mars

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  •   Your application being accepted does not necessarily mean that you will be offered accommodation: the University does not guarantee accommodation for registered students.Only French government scholars, scholars of their own country managed by CROUS or another accredited body, or students registered as part of an international agreement approved by the Ministère de l'Education Nationale may be allocated university accommodation by CROUS.For any information on accommodation or life in Toulouse, please visit this website:  (section trouver un logement')A non-exhaustive list of accommodation can be obtained by asking the Service des Relations Internationales de l'Université Paul Sabatier, by letter or email:

Bouton warning

For most rented accommodation, most landlords require a deposit and a guarantor's signature (a physical person residing in France) who will guarantee payment of the rent if the tenant defaults.

Any student paying rent may ask for help from the Caisse d'Allocation Familiale  who may pay a monthly stipend to the student into a French bank account, if the application is accepted.

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