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22 août

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documents to enclose with the application (foreign students)


Foreign students who are applying to a French university for the first time and who have carried out the admission procedures must produce:
- the decision letter which allows them to register. Any registration made without authorisation will be cancelled.
- a colour photograph*
- their original qualification translated into French and the photocopy seen by the academic registry (service de scolarité) of the department you will be attached to.
- their original passport and a photocopy
- a stamp
- a method of payment - cheque, credit/debit card or cash money order

*The photo must meet the same requirements as for a national identity card: "(...) subject facing the camera, head uncovered, dimensions 3.5 x 4.5cm, recent and a perfect resemblance". [Decree 55-1397 from 22 October 1955 amended] or Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III rules and regulations.

All non-European students (except for Algerian students) must have obtained a long stay visa (VLS - visa de long séjour) valid for between 4 months and 12 months providing them with the same rights as a residency permit (carte de séjour).
Beyond this period, students must apply for a carte de séjour within the 2 months prior to the expiry date of this visa. They must collect the residency application form from the Préfecture website:

a) A student with a scholarship or grant (BGE - BGF etc.):
The grant notification letter for 2011/2012.

b) Employed students who will be working throughout the academic year:
- A photocopy of your employment contract or letter from your employer
- Your 2 most recent payslips
N.B. The employment contract must be for the full academic year, i.e. from 01.10.11 to 30.09.12.
Required work quota: 60 hours/month or 120 hours/trimester.
The letter from your employer must be dated more recently than a month previously and must specify the hours worked per month or per trimester.


Last updated April 4, 2012

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