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23 oct.

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Etudiant étranger : inscription en 2ème année de Master (M2) de l'UPS


To enter the 2nd year of a Master, students must first prepare an application.  This procedure applies to all students, whether or not they are already registered at UPS.

1) Students who are resident in a country with an Espace Campusfrance CEF procedure MUST visit the website for their country of origin: www."nameofcountryinFrench" to submit their pre-registration request before 31 th March 2012.
List of countries concerned:
Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Congo, South Korea, Côte d'Ivoire, United States, Gabon, Guinea, India, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Senegal, Mexico, Russia, Syria, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam.

2)  Applicants who reside in France, an EU country or a country without a CEF procedure MUST pre-register from 19 March 2012. The deadline for submitting an application is set by each specialism (calendar).

Bouton warning

Any applicant who has not pre-registered via the Website or whose form is incomplete will be systematically rejected.

Application are to be submitted from 19 March 2012 and the deadline for submitting an application is set by each specialism (see calendar on website). However, due to the time it takes to send the application, you must at all costs avoid pre-registering just before the deadline and then sending in your application; instead, make sure you take into account the time necessary for us to receive your application.

Students must submit an application by speciality, listing sub-specialities in order of preference. The number of sub-specialities is limited to 3.

Full applications must be submitted for each sub-speciality applied for. The documents required and return address will be given after you enter all the details on the website.

Results may be accessed on the website from mid-June/beginning July 2012. Please note: the publication date of the results depends on the speciality - see calendar (currently being updated).

Applicants will then have to confirm whether they accept the offer or wish to remain on the waiting list according to the calendar set for each speciality which can be viewed on the website.

Students will then receive an admission acceptance or rejection which is only valid for the current year.

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If the student does not confirm, they will be considered as having refused the offer.

NOTE: for an application for a Master 2 Recherche "Information, communication et médiations socio-techniques" and Master 2 Professionnel "Communication dans l'espace local et régional" click here to download the form (currently being updated).

The registration form is to be downloaded from the university website: / section "Courses" / "Applying/Registering".

Summons: as soon as you find out whether or not you have been accepted, you must go in person to the university main building or contact the main academic registry (service de scolarité générale - DEVE) between 30 August and 14 September 2012 to obtain a summons that will tell you the date and time you must come in person to register.

Registration takes place from Monday 3 September to Friday 25 September 2012.

Last updated April 26, 2012

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