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22 août

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Science students will discover a new discipline, management in the broad sense of the term, which will enable them, like native French speakers, to acquire an ad hoc vocabulary, as a basic minimum. Nevertheless, the ability to speak and write French on a daily basis is essential.


General and spontaneous language ability is required - the student can grasp the crux of a complex text. He or she must be able to contribute to a conversation on a general or professional topic in a clear and detailed manner, and argue his or her opinions. The student must be able to put information and arguments across in writing and explicit his or her point of view by highlighting the meaning he or she derives from events and experiences.



  • Master recherche: General and spontaneous language ability (see STAPS)
  • Master professionnel: good French language ability - the student can understand a wide range of long and demanding texts with detailed content. They can express themselves in a structured manner about their social, professional or academic life and on complex topics. The student can write about complex topics in detail.

Pharmacology: good French language ability

Dentistry: general and spontaneous language ability is required: At minimum - effective but limited language ability, the student understands clear and standard language if they are familiar with the subject area. The student can write a simple and coherent text on familiar topics or subjects of personal interest.

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