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21 janv.

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Personalised reception

The Disability Resource Centre (Cellule Handicap) has instituted personalised reception for students with a disability and while inviting you to make contact as soon as possible draws your attention to:

information for students with a disability in the registration guide (registration dossier) the UPS student guide

The Cellule Handicap manages a booth during registration and acts on behalf of new students during reception week.

It will, at your request, accompany you on a site-visit to evaluate access issues and if required act on lecture room allocations.

It can provide practical information on legislation, clubs, leisure, sports, etc, as well as specialised publications and Braille and large-print copies of key information documents.


You may, if you wish, register through a third party.

Upon registration, inform the Cellule Handicap (in a letter addressed to the University President) of arrangements necessary for your studies.

At the same time arrange a meeting with the doctor from the Preventive Medicine Department, who will confirm the validity of the arrangements required.
The University President will order the arrangements to be made and the Cellule Handicap will inform you, your course director and your academic department's secretariat.

Last updated October 3, 2011

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