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24 janv.

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Returning to your studies

In a complex world that is constantly changing, careers are not linear and professional mobility often requires returning to one's studies.
This is facilitated by the LMD having been established in higher education, enabling one to capitalise on courses of study and take into account learning through experience, throughout life...

This approach means being questioned on:

  • Goals aimed for
  • Means of achieving them
  • The situation in which this could be envisaged

Depending on your situation, is it?

  • A personal desire for progress
  • A career management step (progress, refreshing your knowledge etc.)
  • A need to keep or find a job, or return to work (e.g. stay-at-home parents etc.)
  • Obligation from a social initiative

This involves several steps:

And, if needs be, getting help in taking a decision

Last updated April 3, 2012



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