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25 août

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Research covering all areas of science and medicine

La Recherche à l'UPS

The challenges of understanding matter and life: mathematics, the science of infinite scale and infinite speed, neuroscience, complex systems...

Society's major problems: state and future of the environment, natural and industrial risk, biodiversity, genetics, medical research and health...

Technological and industrial needs: embedded systems, space technology, IT and automation, chemical engineering, new materials, aeronautics, biotechnologies, pharmacology, nanotechnologies...
Université Paul Sabatier research policy is supported by the following structures:

  • Research Strategy Department (DSR)
  • Scientific Council (CS)
  • Laboratory Support Department (DSL) : DSL's Interactive Schematic

Science Days - Review of the 2009/2010 RFP

The Science Days will take place on 7th and 9th November this year.
The Science Council's RFP, held every two years, is a highlight of our university's scientific policy.
The 24 winners of the 2009/2010 edition will unveil their work and the results obtained in the project for which they were selected.

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Last updated October 10, 2011

Appels d'offres

Elections des conseils de pôles/axe

Elles se sont déroulées le 20 septembre 2011.
Les résultats sont proclamés.

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Normalisation des affiliations des auteurs

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Search of a research center

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