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12 nov.

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Master Sciences, technologie, santé
mention Electronique, électrotechnique, automatique – ‘Master’ in Science, Technology and Healthcare speciality Electronics, electrical engineering and automation


The fields of EEA, i.e. historically what has been referred to as Electronics, Electrical engineering and Automation, are pivotal to modern industry. Most appliances, devices or machines in our environment use Electronics and include a growing number of Signal and Information Processing functions. Electrical engineering produces, transports and uses electricity as a source of energy. Power Electronics converts this energy to adapt it better to different electrical and electromechanical devices. Automation involves systems control. The Master in EEA is one of the specialities of the field "Sciences, Technologies et Santé" at the University Paul Sabatier.

The courses on offer:

- Micro and nanotechnology for wireless communications systems

Last updated April 4, 2012


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Jean Claude Pascal

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