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27 janv.

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Put together your course of study, prepare your personal career plan and for your future integration into employment with the help of the SCUIO / IP (student information / careers advisory) team


The SCUIO / IP will assist you with information, advice and assistance in specifying and choosing your course of study and making career plans.

Upon your arrival in E4, reception staff will meet you and listen to your query. This initial meeting is a key step in helping you define what your current issues are in terms of your course of study and future career.

Its role, depending on your query, is to:

  • assist you and help you research courses of study and jobs,
  • to offer you the opportunity to take part in a themed workshop, a conference etc.,
  • to make you an appointment with a Psychologist - Careers Advisor,
  • to direct you towards other services.


This Frequently Asked Questions section lists the questions that are most often asked to the SCUIO/IP, with answers.
However, feel free to come and meet us for more detailed information.

Applications, admissions

Work placements, jobs
A few practical questions on the SCUIO
VAE - Validation of Learning Through Experience



Last updated April 3, 2012

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