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21 juil.

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FAQ Applications, admissions

How and when do I apply/register for university?

The procedures and applications calendar for the  Université Paul Sabatier are online on the UPS website.
Section: Courses > Applying/ registering

If I have a foreign qualification, what are the steps to follow if I want to study in France?

To find out about the application process for a foreign student, see the section Courses > Applying/registering

Also contact or visit the website of reference bodies such as the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche and the Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes

If I am already student at UPS, do I need to re-apply via post-baccalaureate admissions if I wish to change to a DUT?

Yes, you need to re-apply via post-baccalaureate admissions if you wish to change to a DUT.
Early applications should be made between 20 January and 20 March on:  

After a BTS or a DUT, can I apply for an 'L3 générale'? Or do I have to retake a year of L2?

Registering without an approved application is not possible.
BTS and DUT students may register for a Licence 3 after their application has been examined. Failing this, you could be
accepted onto an L2 or even L1 course so as to reach the level required.
To find out about application and registration procedures, please visit the UPS website:  Section: Courses > Applying/registering

For students of a university, what are the procedures to follow in order to change institution?

To change university, you need to make a transfer request to your current university. Your university will then
pass on your academic records to the university you wish to attend.
You will then receive a letter confirming that your academic records have been transferred.
For more detail on academic record transfers, please visit the UPS website: Section: Courses > Applying/registering > Transfers

Can I be accepted to study at an école d'ingénieur' after an L2, L3 or M1?

Many 'écoles d'ingénieur' recruit from outside the traditional preparatory class route
DUT, Licence' and more rarely BTS, DEUST and licence professionnelle' graduates can enter the 1st year at
certain schools, or the 3rd year for schools post-baccalaureate that offer a 5 year course.
Admissions are based on a  competitive examination or via academic record at Bac+2, Bac+3 or +4 level.
You will find a list of the schools and their admissions procedures etc. at the SCUIO

How do I find out about courses to access certain L3s or Masters?

For UPS courses, you have the option of viewing the entry requirements for each qualification on the website.
For other courses, the procedure will be similar. We strongly recommend that you contact the admissions tutors
to have your educational plan approved.

Last updated April 4, 2012

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