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22 juil.

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FAQ Orientation

After a failure at L1 PACES, do I have to repeat my L1 year or are there equivalents to move up into L2?    

If you fail the competitive examination with an average of 10/20 or more, there are possible equivalents in the 2nd year of a 'licence'.
They are mainly in scientific disciplines that are similar to the medicine or pharmacology programme.

Students who have a mark between 8 and 10 can obtain a partial equivalent of the L1.

Bouncing back after PACES workshops are run by Psychologist-Careers Advisors at the SCUIO during the months of February, March, May and June 2011.
This workshops providing information and help on decisions related to your academic cursus are available to healthcare students who wish to change course. They present all the educational possibilities according to the participants aspirations.
A downloadable brochure is published on this topic.

Is it possible to change course during the year?

UPS provides students with the possibility of changing course during the year if they realise they have made the wrong choice.
The LMD set-up facilitates course changes between Term 1 and Term 2.
There may be other possibilities: See the SCUIO in November/December.

After a master pro', can I continue on to a doctorat'?

In some cases there is the possibility of starting a doctorat' after a master pro', but this depends on the field and the 
doctoral school.
As a general rule, you have to make a request for a waiver or equivalence from the doctoral school
in question. You should always meet the tutors of the doctoral school you wish to attend.

After a Licence professionnelle', can one continue on to Master' studies?

The aim of a licence professionnelle' is not to carry on with further studies, however there are possibilities to continue
on with 'Master' studies.
Nevertheless, the likelihood of being selected for a Master' is minimal in comparison to students with a  licence générale'. In certain cases
you would have to do an 'L3 générale'.
You can discuss your plan with the SCUIO Psychologist - Careers Advisors.

Is there a specific Masters to pass the competitive-entry teaching examination?

The teaching examination reform brought them up to the Master' level (see documentary files on 
reform and competitive-entry examinations ('concours') at the SCUIO).
These Masters' are being put in place in universities.
To find out about the situation at UPS, please visit the website under Courses > Science and technology > Master.
For teacher training in schools (in progress)

Is it possible to take the school teacher competitive entry examination as an independent candidate?

Please contact or visit the website of reference bodies such as the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche and the Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes

As a student in a preparatory class for the grandes écoles (elite schools), I would like to find out about the process to change to a university course at the Université Paul Sabatier (level, administrative procedures, application/registration costs, timeframe).
If you did need to change course, we recommend you contact:
- a careers advisor at the SCUIO to discuss your education plan (by tel: + 33 (0) 5 61 55 86 51 or by e-mail,
- the course tutor for the course you wish to attend to approve your new registration (the tutor's contact details can be found on the UPS website on the course description page).

General and specific cases for admission into L2

Specific case: Registration for students from preparatory classes

Irrespective of the year you began a preparatory class for the elite schools, there are two optimum periods:
- either from the first weeks of the academic year (Sept-Oct),
- or at the end of the first term (Dec-Jan).

Once you have obtained approval from the tutor, the registration procedure may be carried out and the fees paid.

An agreement signed between UPS and the lycées Pierre de Fermat, Ozenne, Bellevue, Pierre Paul Riquet and Déodat de Séverac specifies the conditions necessary for students to transfer

How do I identify which Licence' course will suit my plan for a Master'?


The procedure is as follows: In the list of masters, identify your master and the corresponding speciality. Then visit the UPS website Home > Courses > Science and technology > Master  and click the speciality in question, select your master then click the admission tab where you will find the relevant M1(s). From the M1 page you can also view the entry requirements, i.e. the 'licences' required to move on to the M1 speciality.


If you cannot begin a course outright (without applying), please contact the course tutor and come to the SCUIO.

Are there specific Masters to take the secondary school teaching competitive examination?


Yes, there are disciplinary masters at UPS which include a teacher training route.

To view the list of teacher training masters, click here


However, these teacher training masters are not a requirement for taking the examination.

Are there Masters that prepare for the primary school teacher competitive examination?


Since the beginning of the 2010/2011 academic year, a Master 1 et 2 Education Formation Enseignement (EFE) spécialité Professeur des écoles (Master 1 and 2 Education, Training, Teaching, speciality Primary school teaching) has been in place at Université Toulouse II Le Mirail. The course is held in conjunction with all the Toulouse universities.


Students can study for a Biology and Environment Licence' multi-disciplinary route with primary school teacher training or a Mathematics 'Licence', Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry route.


However, these teacher training masters are not a requirement for taking the examination.

Where can I find the calendar of competitive examinations for civil service, territorial and hospital professions?


You will find the dates of the examinations via these links:


At the SCUIO, you will find documentation on the different civil service examinations and professions.



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