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18 août

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FAQ Practical questions about the SCUIO

Do I have access to the SCUIO if I am not a student?                                            
The SCUIO is open to anyone who wishes to use the documentary resources on the premises and to access
the Internet.

Can I make photocopies and print at the SCUIO?

A black and white photocopier and printer are available to users.
You must pay for prints and photocopies with a "COREP" card. (COREP card machine located in SCUIO).

Can I borrow documents?

Yes, documents can only be loaned to students or staff of Université Paul Sabatier who are registered as readers.

How do I meet with a Psychologist - Careers Advisor?

Psychologist Careers Advisors consult with  students who wish to discuss their career, education or personal plans.
They offer interviews by appointment made at the SCUIO reception desk or by telephone on +33 (0)5 61 55 61 32, informal chats or careers assessments.
They also run workshops on changing course L1-DUT-Medicine/Pharmacology.

What is the Info-Doc catalogue for?

The Info-Doc catalogue provides the references to the service's documentary resources so users may locate them in the library. Some documents are also online on this database
The database lists information on:
1. sectors and professions
2. academic/training courses and where they lead
3. basic training
4. professional training - VAE
5. UPS courses
6. going abroad
7. finding a job or work placement

What are the service's opening hours?

The SCUIO is open from Monday to Thursday from 8:30am to 5:30pm

Last updated April 4, 2012

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