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17 juil.

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FAQ Work placements / Jobs

How do I find a work placement?

The aim of the work placement is to develop skills and knowhow, to give direction to one's career plan and understand
more about the working world. It is an asset in finding a job later on.
You should start preparing and planning your search for a work placement at least 6 months in advance
At the SCUIO you will find:
* tools to help prepare for your search (methodological tools, business directories)
* workshop sessions on job/work placement hunting techniques run by employment advisors

See " le guide pratique du stage en entreprise à l'UPS" (UPS pratical guide to work placements):

Can an 'L3 générale' lead to a job?

Licences générales' are more centred around fundamental knowledge. Their aim is a preparation for further study at a more advanced level.
However, one can add a professional focus to the course by going on a work placement on one's own initiative.
A licence' also entitles you to take certain civil service examinations (relevant documents can be read at the SCUIO).

Can I find work in private companies after a Master Recherche'?

In principle, the Master Recherche' is aimed at further study towards a doctorat'. However, those who do not wish to
carry out doctoral research can enter the employment market.
Depending on the speciality, the ease  with which one can find work can vary.
A master professionnel' is better suited to finding a job (see files on sectors and professions at the SCUIO)

Can one become an engineer after a 'Master professionnel'?

In France, the title of engineer is issued by institutions accredited by the commission du titre d'ingénieur (CTI).

Engineering is a  profession that requires  technical  and managerial skills
of a certain level. 'Masters' graduates meet these criteria.

How do I obtain a work placement agreement?

To be able to go on a work placement, you must obtain a work placement agreement. This agreement governs the 
work placement terms (theme, length, work placement premises and conditions as well as remuneration and status with regards  to   social security)
All UPS students can obtain a work placement agreement from the academic registry or their UFR.
See " le guide pratique du stage en entreprise à l'UPS" (UPS pratical guide to work placements):

At university, where can one find work placement opportunities and job vacancies?

If you are a student at the Université Paul Sabatier, you can access
work placement opportunities and job vacancies via the internet (with your login and password) by visiting the UPS website homepage
(Direct access > work placement/job > see vacancies).
Viewing SCUIO files and up-to-date information on sectors and companies can also be a 
source of information for targeting your applications.
The Division de la Vie Etudiante (DVE) also has information on temporary job and student job vacancies.

Last updated April 4, 2012

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