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25 août

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Recognised by the Labour Code and the Education Code, the Validation des Aquis de l'Expérience (VAE - Validation of Learning through Experience) gives recognition to one's experience so that one may obtain a qualification, title or professional qualification certificate.

Diplomas, titles and certificates can therefore be obtained based on experience (and not only via initial or ongoing training), base on requirements other than examination grades.
To do a VAE, you must give evidence of experience (professional activity, whether salaried or not, or voluntary) lasting more than 3 consecutive or non-consecutive years, that bears relation to the content of the qualification (diploma, title etc.) you are aiming at.

The SCUIO welcomes, informs, advises and assists candidates in their path towards VAE.

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Portal of validation of learning through experience


Who do I need to contact (SCUIO/MFCA) for a VAE?


The VAE is in place at Université Paul SABATIER under the joint responsibility of the Mission Formation Continue et Apprentissage (MFCA) and the Service Commun Universitaire d'Information et d'Orientation (SCUIO). Each body is involved more specifically in a different area.
The MFCA is in charge of administrative and financial management for VAE. You may contact MFCA to obtain information on registration and administrative viability, the VAE route, agreements with companies and financial bodies etc.
The SCUIO is in charge of providing advice and assistance for the VAE. Please contact the SCUIO for questions about your VAE plan, the qualifications awarded by the Université Paul Sabatier, position on qualifications and VAE assistance etc.


Last updated April 4, 2012

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