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21 janv.

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Seminars, "Doctoriales Midi-Pyrenees"

The Doctoriales de Midi-Pyrénées are organised under the auspices of the Université de Toulouse


Doctoriales are week-long seminars with the aim of helping young researchers to consider their future after their thesis, in particular outside the traditional academic routes (lecturer-researcher, researcher in large institutions such as CNRS, INSERM etc.)


They are primarily aimed  at doctoral students in their second year of thesis in our doctoral schools.


In 2009, three sessions of a week were organised: two national sessions on the Le Tolosan site in Boussens (31) and a  transnational session at Palma, Majorca (Balearic Islands).


In addition to pooling the means of the different higher education and research establishments involved (Universités de Toulouse I, II and III, INP and INSA), different bodies are involved in the process and its financing. Doctoriales receive support from the Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche,  universities and institutes through doctoral schools, doctoral students' host laboratories, the Conseil Régional de Midi-Pyrénées and the Conseil Général de Haute-Garonne than provide transport to Boussens.


Doctoriales are an incredible tool for information about and help in joining the economic arena, which young researchers seize with enthusiasm.


They provide real interaction between the different universities and schools in Toulouse. For doctoral students, this seminar is an opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary team.


They are a vector of communication with bodies and companies in the region and because of this, greatly facilitate the recognition of doctors by promoting their various skills.



June 2009 session


The second national session of the Doctoriales Midi Pyrénées 2009 has just come to a close. This seminar has been in existence since 1997 and is now held by the Université de Toulouse. Toulouse knowhow in organising this training course for doctoral students is recognised both nationally and internationally. We welcomed four Moroccan doctoral students who took part in the activities on offer. Organisers of other Doctoriales sessions in Languedoc-Roussillon came to observe how the session "communicate and convince" went.

For a week, 73 doctoral students from all disciplines, mainly in exact sciences, took part with a lot of dynamism and good humour in the different workshops. The wealth of the seminar was mainly due to the extreme diversity of participants' backgrounds.

It was, however, to our regret that this year literature, social sciences and law students were hardly present. Exchange of experience between participants is still very much in demand from participants. Through the different workshops (communicate and convince, introduction to economics, implementing an innovative business creation plan, meeting with doctors in business and personal and professional summary), they became aware that their skills do not only stop at their scientific and technical knowhow. 

This very intense week gave them an opening into the socio-economic world and they were able to glimpse many possibilities for a future profession within their reach. The aim of the Doctoriales is to give them the necessary launch towards their future post-thesis. Given the energy with which doctoral students took to the tools made available to them, it would appear that this goal was met. It is now up to them to get involved through the association of former Doctoriales participants (A2D2) and the different courses providing careers assistance put in place by the Toulouse universities to complete what the Doctoriales began.



UPS Maître de Conférences

In charge of the Doctoriales - June 2009 session.

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Last updated April 3, 2012

1st session: 25 April to 1 May 2010

2nd session: 6 to 12 June 2010

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