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24 janv.

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Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge is one of the core missions enshrined in the French law of 10th August 2007 relating to University Freedoms and Responsibilities (Libertés et Responsabilités des Universités - LRU).

For more than ten years, the Ouvertures de l'Université Paul Sabatier, an annual cycle of public conferences, have been contributing to a better understanding of the challenges of modern science. Throughout the year other events and conferences are presented by teaching staff, researchers and even students, on topics relating to the research disciplines taught at the University.

The creation of the Paul Sabatier Scientific Magazine is an extension of this wish to give proper prominence to the University's major scientific fields. Each month a scientific dossier examines the challenges for our future being addressed by researchers in the University laboratories.

The University has opened up to its home city, bringing the general public and scientists together at science-focused national and regional events like the Festival of Science (Fête de la Science) and the Years of Physics and Astronomy.

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