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20 janv.

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Staff mobility

Mobility for teacher-researchers and administrative staff

AMPERE (Aide au Montage de Projets Européens pour la Recherche - Support for setting up European research projects).

The aim is to encourage Université Paul Sabatier participation in the Seventh European Framework Programme (FP7) for research and technological development, together with the development of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates programme (Action 1B), with financial support for teacher-researcher, researcher or BIATOSS staff to meet their European peers and to organise meetings at the University in the context of one of these projects.

Instructions and application form 2011


APC (Aides ponctuelles de coopération) discretionary grants Programme

These grants are available to teachers, teacher-researchers and researchers belonging to the University. (Doctoral students are invited to approach the ATUPS grant programme which supports stays of up to 3 months abroad to work on their thesis.)

Eligible activities: missions abroad, invitations to Université Paul Sabatier (maximum length 1 month)

NB: funding requests for internships for foreign students to be hosted at UPS laboratories can only be considered for doctorate or post-doctorate level students and only if their home laboratory is officially cooperating with the UPS host laboratory in the context of an official cooperation agreement between the two universities.

Non-eligible activities: congress organisation or attendance, thesis jury participation, equipment purchase.

To receive a grant from this fund:

- send a letter on plain paper to your UFR or Faculty, clearly stating the reasons and costs for your request, specifying the duration of the exchange.

The Scientific and/or Academic Council, or any other body selected by each entity, examines and grades the requests then passes them on to the International Relations Department (SRI), for assessment by the International Relations Commission, before a final decision is made by the President.

The International Relations Commission considers requests three times a year:

- December (requests submitted to the SRI by the UFR or Faculty no later than 1st December)

- April (requests submitted to the SRI by the UFR or Faculty no later than 31st March)

- July (requests submitted to the SRI by the UFR or Faculty no later than 30th June)

Last updated May 20, 2019

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