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23 janv.

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Sports Science (Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives – STAPS) UFR (Department)

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The Sports Science (STAPS) UFR (department) welcomes 1,600 students each year, offering the best possible courses:
 - two DEUST (University Scientific and Technical Diploma) courses,
 - four degree (licence) specialties,
 - a professional degree (licence professionnelle),
 - five professional master's degrees,
 - a research master's degree,
 - preparation courses for the EPS Sport and Physical Education (Education Physique et Sportive) teaching qualification (agrégation).

Our university also seeks to extend scientific knowledge through the efforts of two accredited laboratories:

            - LAPMA (Perceptuo-Motor Adaptation and Learning Laboratory - Laboratoire d'Adaptation Perceptivo-Motrice et Apprentissage)
            - SOI (Sports, Organisations, Identities).

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The STAPS UFR currently offers:
- a range of relevant and professionally focused courses,
- a newly created employment department,
- teaching in newly renovated facilities (new building and gymnasium completed in 2007, combat room under construction),
- a movement analysis room with top level equipment (VICON, BIODEX, force platform, etc.).


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